Instrument Replacement

The band are on a constant instrument replacement scheme, a bit like painting the Forth  Road bridge, 'as soon as you have finished, it's time to start again'. 

With 27 individual instruments making up the band, not including ancillaries, such as mutes, and stands, or ongoing service requirements such as valve oil or slide grease, let alone the plethora of Percussion instruments, it is a mammoth undertaking to have instruments that are up to the band's requirements at contest level. 

Although Instruments may appear to be in good condition at first glance, closer inspection will reveal many minor dents and scratches.  Along side wear and tear, hairline cracks and fractures will develop allowing air to escape, over time, slides, and more importantly Valves will fail, or performance will reduce, all affecting the overall Tone, Tuning and Performance from the instrument and performer.

We are, as ever, most grateful to our Supporters Club for the phenomenal hard work they put into raising funds for such important items. Without them the band would really struggle to keep going.

 The next instruments for replacement are: 

2 X Bb Bass to be refurbished


Our existing set of Basses are need some TLC so we have decided to have the Basses Refurbish as the cost of replacing the instrument for new is between £6000 - £8000


To Have the Basses Refurbished will cost between  £1500 - £2000 each to be refurbished 


Total funds required: £8000


Funds raised to date (Jan 2018): £4000


Funds required: £4000


Each Bass will under go the following to bring the back to their Best


All Restorations are stripped down to Component Parts.

Each and every dent is then removed by hand.

Most Important part of any repair is the laborious task of polishing.

Upon removal of all Dents the job is re-assembled in preparation for Silver Plate.

Completed Restorations ready for final Finish in Silver Plate.

Silver Plate is hand Applied to complete the Restoration.


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