Contest Results

Here you can find the contest results of GISB as well as the pieces played and the comments from the adjudicators.


March 2019

Test Piece: Holst’s First Suite in Eb

Result: 13th




February 2018

Test Piece: Olympus

Results: 2nd







March Areas 2018

Test Piece: Napoleon on the Alps

Results: 14th




November 2017

Test Piece: Parnassus (own Choice)

Results Second section: 4th

Results Third section: 4th


March Areas 2017

Test Piece: Darkwood

Results: 6th


September Championships 2017

Test Piece: Lake of the Moon

Results: 11th


March Areas 2016

Test Piece: A Cambrian Suite

Results: 4th


November 2015

March: Praise

Test Piece: Prometheus Unbound

Results: 11th


March Areas 2015

Test Piece: Evolution - Five states of Change

Results: 13th


November 2014

Test Piece: Moor of Venice

Results: 16th


May 2014

Test Piece: Labour and Love

Results: 4th


March Areas 2014

Test Piece: Partitia for Band - Postcards from Home

Results: 4th


April Areas 2002

Test Piece: Symphony for Brass

Results: 3rd


More Results can be found here:


Junior/Training Band

Our Junior or Training Bands have also been known to compete in competitions from time to time.


January 2013

Hymn: Lloyd

Result: 2nd

Test Piece: Rule Brittania

Result: 3rd



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